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Singers/Musician/Song Writers
The singers/songwriter's duo, Derrick Weidner and Olivia Doyle, bring you a powerhouse of youthful talent delivering harmony-driven covers and originals that range from Pop to Indie Folk to Country Music.  The Derrick Weidner show started 6 years ago when he was 14 years old. Both Derrick and Olivia performed together in their schools show choir since 7th grade where they both have been decorated with individual awards from competitions. After asking Olivia to do a few songs with him in his show 4 years ago, it became clear that this duo was meant to be and they're still going strong! They started writing music together by the time they were 16. After graduating high school in 2022, they really started focusing on their music and have had many musical adventures since then, including becoming 2022 Kiwanis Idol Winners in the adult division. They perform as the Derrick Weidner & Olivia Doyle Acoustic Duo or, as of last year, Derrick, Olivia & 
the D&O Band was formed. For more information on Derrick and Olivia, please go to: 
Continue keeping your eyes on these two!
Great things are coming! 
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