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Derrick Weidner

Derrick asked for a concert ukulele when he was 13 years old. By the time he was 14, he was performing locally and building his show. Since then, he has added playing a baritone ukulele, guitar, harmonica, percussion and utilizing the unique tone of his voice with the confidence of a professional at such an early age.

Now 18 years old and about to graduate high school, Derrick has also been a very active member of Edgewood's nationally ranked show choirs since 7th grade. During this time, Derrick has been recognized individually winning a few awards including 2018 Music in the Parks Outstanding Vocalist Award and 2022 South Dearborn Best Male Soloist Award. 

Outside of school, Derrick is also grateful to have been the 2018 Persimmon Idol Winner and the 2018 Lazy Days Festival Talent Show Winner. 

This young man loves to perform, but his other passion is writing music. Last year's show showcased his original, "Little Fiddle." This year's show will showcase his new original, "Just Another Day." With Olivia just recently adding harmony to it, they are really excited about it and can't wait to play it for you in a show this year! 

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