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Olivia Doyle

At a very young age, Olivia would put on concerts for her grandparent. Growing up around music, she was drawn to it like a moth to a flame! 


In Jr. High School she immediately signed up with the organized choir and was chosen as a member of the show choir where she began to flourish. Now with 6 years in Edgewood's Choral Department, she has been a member in Mini-Warehouse, Music Warehouse and Sophisticated Ladies. With being Dance Captain of Sophisticated Ladies in 2021-2022. She has also been recognized individually winning numerous awards at show choir competitions including Star Soloist at South Dearborn in 2020, Star Soloist at South Dearborn in 2022, Star Performer at Bishop Dwanger in 2020 and Star Performer at Franklin Community in 2022.  


While she and Derrick have been performing together in show choir since 7th grade, the Derrick Weidner show swooped this star up in 2020 and she and Derrick started performing locally. There's no denying the friendship and blend that these two have.  


Olivia hopes to see you at a show this year!  

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